System X High End Ceramics

    Extreme Gloss Package

    3 Year Life
    System X Crystal
    High Shine

    Cars $899

    Mid SUV $999

    Large SUV, Truck $1,199

    No warranty necessary!

    CARFAX certified

    Diamond ss

    8 Year Life
    System X Diamondss
    Super Slick

    Cars $1,499

    Mid SUV $1,599

    Large SUV, Truck $1,699

    Comes with a lifetime warranty!
    CARFAX certified

    High Shine Package

    10 Year Life
    System X MAX G+
    Extreme Gloss

    Cars $1,799

    Mid SUV $1,899

    Large SUV, Truck $1,999

    *Comes with a lifetime warranty!

    CARFAX certified

    System X Sealant And Products

    Ceramic Sealant Renew

    Up to 1 Year

    (Including wash, clay, buff, and polish)

    Cars $355
    Mid SUVs $455
    Large SUV, Truck $555

    • Slickness
    • Hyper gloss/wet look
    • Ultra hydrophobic coating

    $30 if need touchup paint on chips or deep scratches
    $20 for extra deep intense tire shine, lasts 1 month (doesn't wash off, stays shiny even after rain/snow)

    Ceramic Glass Coating

    Up to 2 Years

    Custom prices for buffing, and polishing each panel, contact us for full vehicle buffing and polishing.

    • Lasts up to two years
    • Great for less wiper usage
    • Great for less bugs
    • Protection against some chips

    $100 for windshield
    $150 for all glass (including rear mirrors, & sunroofs)
    $30 for touch-up paint code to match your vehicle

    Interior Ceramic Only

    6-8 Month Life | $300 Full Inside

    Protects fabric seats, carpet, leather, and vinyl. Spills and stains clean up easily.

    Revive Cermaic

    2.5-Year Life | $300 Full Outside

    Brings back color that was from fading from your vehicle's exterior. Also protects from fading. This product is known to bring out the deepest black of factory trim and vehicle plastics.


    3-4 Month Life

    Cars $275
    Mid SUVs $375
    Large SUV, Truck $475

    These prices include full automotive claying, buffing, polishing, and applying non-ceramic.

    No warranty is needed/required!

    Add-Ons: $35 per rim, and $20 for all door jam trim!

    *To be eligible for the respective warranties, you will need to get a special car wash at the shop once a year. All of which will be documented on Carfax to help increase the value of your vehicle.



    $240 Cars

    $255 Mid SUVs

    $270 Large SUV, Trucks

    (with clay bar & wax treatment)


    $200 Cars

    $215 Mid SUVs

    $240 Large SUV, Trucks

    Base prices include clay bar and hand wax with 3-4 month shell protection. Always recommend for these IA/MN conditions.
    Also if you are not a fan of how your car smells, ask us what we can do to help!



    $140 Cars

    $160 Mid SUVs

    $180 Large SUV, Trucks

    $250  Semis

    (For exterior or interior detailing ONLY)

    Interested in only improving the exterior or interior of your car? We offer partial detailing services to meet your needs, in addition to complete detailing services.



    +$20 for Tire Shine (lasts a month)
    +$30 clay bar treatment
    +$50 Wax
    +$50 Wash with tire shine
    +$50 for Tire Shine (lasts a year)
    +$60 for System X Ceramic Sealant
    +$100 for Windshield protection
    +$100 Buffing
    +$125 for Headlight Restoration
    +$150 for All-Glass
    +$25 2 air fresheners that lasts weeks
    +$50 Complete interior odor eliminator for smoke, kids smell, vomit, urine and dog smell

    Call for motorcycle prices

    Add-on services can be added to any other services offered whether that be interior detailing or high-end ceramic services.

    Feel free to call us if you have any questions!

    Semi Pricing

    Semi Pricing

    Base Price Interior: $350
    Wash: $100
    Buffing: $150
    Polish: $200
    Wax: $100
    Sealant: $150
    Claybar Treatment: $75
    Rims & Grates: $100